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Festivals (fiestas) in Spain and the Canary Islands are famous and Lanzarote is no exception! Although many have their roots in religion, you don't have to be religious yourself to enjoy them. Costa Teguise, like most other towns and villages all over Lanzarote have many unique events that are well worth a visit.

Feb/March - Carnival week in Lanzarote: The dates vary every year and vary from town to town. Teguise itself hosts a 500 year old tradition of the "Danza de los Diabletes" (Dance of the Little Devils). Costa Teguise has a street parade with floats, musicians and the like, the “Gran Coso de Carnaval”.

May - "Dia de la Cruz" (Day of The Cross) - A deeply rooted tradition in the Canaries in which all crosses are covered with colourful flowers.

May - "Dia de Canarias" (Canarian Day). This commemorates the date when the Canaries gained autonomy from Spain in 1983: “Festival Folclórico Guanapay" (folklore festival) and the “Gran Fiesta Canaria” (Canary festival). Canarian culture is celebrated throughout the island.


June - Corpus Christi Procession. Many streets are decorated with coloured salt.

July - International Jazz Festival. This is a three week long Heineken Jazz Festival held on all of the Canary Islands.

July - “Nuestra Señora del Carmen” (Senora of the Carmen Festival). Celebrations are held throughout Lanzarote, particularly around Teguise. Offerings to the Virgin whereby religious statues are carried around the coast on boats. The streets are filled with flowers, there are parties, processions, street fairs and folk festivals.

July - “San Felipe y Santiago” in the village of Tahiche. A pilgrimage - “Gran Romería” with floats, musicians and offerings to the apostle saint.

August - Festivities of the Virgin of Las Nieves - Pilgrimage from Teguise to the Hermitage of Las Nieves.

August - "Dia San Ginés" - Celebrations throughout the island for a week, honoring Arrecife's Patron Saint, San Ginés. Canarian wrestling and fireworks.

September - "Fiesta de Neustra Señora de Los Dolores" (Fiesta of the Virgen of los Dolores). Centered around Mancha Blanca, islanders pay tribute to their Patron Saint, the Virgin de los Dolores. General festivities including fairs, food and folk music.

October - "Dia de la Hispanidad" (National Day Festival). A public holiday with festivities and parties all over Lanzarote, celebrating the heritage and history of Spain.

November - Lanzarote Marathon. A popular race attracting large crowds along the streets of Arrecife.

December - Christmas festivities. Christmas eve itself is celebrated with “Misa del Gallo” (midnight mass) in several churches on the Island. An ancient tradition is followed as they celebrate the Ranchos with songs and dances in front of the Infant Jesus.

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